As an investor, how can I . . .

  • get the operational metrics that will provide visibility into future financial metrics?
  • compare the sales productivity of our portfolio companies with industry best practices?
  • effectively measure sales performance using lagging and leading indicators?
  • accelerate the sales performance of a portfolio company without being required to replace the current management team?
  • establish an effective, lasting sales culture that will help drive sustainable, predictable revenue growth?

As an investor, you are challenged to evaluate investment opportunities and identify companies that have potential for significant growth. After investments have been made, the financial assumptions that supported the decision to invest must be realized – generally under changing market conditions.

LCS Partners can improve the quality of the due diligence process by supplementing the financial-oriented analysis with a discriminating assessment of the factors contributing to sales performance. Many portfolio companies will need the ‘science behind the art of selling’ to successfully execute more aggressive business plans and enter the next stage of growth.